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After taking your 4-week course, [our daughter] improved her scores from a 32 to a 34, with a perfect score in science and a 35 in math. Her superscore is now a 35. She wants to go into engineering so these scores are exactly what she was hoping for to give her the best opportunities.

Your classes gave structure and your knowledge allowed [our daughter] to spend time studying the most important things. We are impressed! ... The service you provide is such a great one. It's obvious you care about the students... It's important work. It doesn't go unnoticed.

[Our son] just got his ACT test scores today and he did GREAT! Much higher than he thought he could do! He won’t need to retake the ACT. I really believe that your course was instrumental in achieving the score and that he wouldn’t have done as well if he did not take your class so we both thank you!

After getting a 29 on my first ACT, I attended your four class sessions and the ACT workshop right before the June ACT, and I received a 33 this time. Thank you for what you taught us in the class.

I just want to thank you for your excellent ACT classes...I am thrilled that I got a 34 on the ACT! I could not have done it without your help. Thank you so much for putting in an incredible amount of effort to help prepare us for these standardized tests.

The scores for the May 3rd SAT examination were posted on Collegeboard.com ... and I was thrilled to discover that I had received a perfect score of 2400. Prior to taking your SAT/ACT course at UC Blue Ash, I had felt prepared to achieve around 2200 - 2300 but your instruction in grammar and general test taking strategy helped me bridge those last elusive 100 points. Simulating the SAT in your course, practicing the essay, and discussing common problems and errors genuinely helped me do my very best on testing day.

[Our son] really felt like your course helped him prepare for the exams. He got a perfect score on the PSAT. He got perfect scores on the reading and writing sections of the SAT, but he missed a couple questions on the math section. He took it a second time and got a perfect score on the math section so his superscore was a perfect 2400.

Thanks again for your magic touch, [our daughter] received a composite of 35 on her ACT.

...thank you for helping me learn the tricks and trades of the ACT. With your instruction and many practice tests, I was able to bump my score of 29 into a 33! As you can image, I am ecstatic about it!

We have no doubt that [the] ACT/PSAT prep-class helped our son score well on both. The reading/grammar review reinforced and reminded him of much, and test taking tips, including subtle things like how to spot trick questions, really helped him. Our son received a 34 composite on his first try at the ACT and a 35 on the re-take. Thanks, Martha!

You are a rockstar...[my son] improved 5 points overall from a 24 to a 29. He increased his score in English from 24 to 32 and in Reading from 26 to 33.

My daughter increased her ACT score by 4 points thanks to your class. We are so grateful that we heard about your classes and signed her up. She really enjoyed your class and spoke fondly of your husband as well.

I wanted to let you know that [our daughter] scored a 30 on the ACT test she took in June (first try!). With [our daughter] being what I call a non-reader (only when she has to), I was really worried about the Reading section but, with your help, it was her highest score. With the help you gave [her sister] and now [our daughter], I tell everyone who is interested about how worthwhile your courses are. Thank you.

My daughter has improved 4 ACT points since attending sessions with Martha Geller. Her score was originally 21 and she received a 25 (after several tries, as her score kept improving 21, 22, 23, 24, 25). The 25 allowed her to receive a scholarship and made a difference for my child to attend the college of her choice. What better support for your child's academic career than to participate in Martha's sessions. ... I highly recommend her. In fact, my next child will be in her ACT preparation classes in the future.

Thanks so much for an amazing class—I learned so much! -H.

You rock! Thanks! -L.

[Our son] told us continuously that you taught him more about English than he had learned in most of high school. He took very seriously your prep tips and worked diligently on past tests to look at the errors he had made and correct them... At the end of his sophomore year he received a 22 and brought that score up to a 24 in his junior year with [his high school's] prep class. He is now a senior and took the ACT in September and we are thrilled to let you know that he received a score of 31. He has made a 9 point gain in the last year and a half...a 7 point gain since your course.
-M. & T.

[My daughter] just got her September ACT results: up 4 points over her best previous score! Thank you so much! Your lessons obviously helped her, and were worth every penny! -M.

Thanks a bunch! Also thought I'd let you know that your class helped me improve from a 26 ACT to 29 so I appreciate your help. -C.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say, THANK YOU! My daughter took your ACT course this spring and increased her ACT score by 4 points. She got a 31 on her test in June. We sent her to your class because of the success that her older sister had with [your] PSAT class and subsequent test. If you ever need a referral for your classes, do not hesitate to phone me. I sing your praises to whoever will listen. Your expertise was invaluable. -S.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent ACT class. Because of your class, I got a composite score of 35 on my first ACT. I definitely did much better than I expected to (especially on the math sections) thanks to the material we covered in class. All of the practice booklets you gave us were extremely helpful as well. I am very happy that I took your SAT and ACT classes! Thank you so much for your guidance! -M.

Thank you so very much for all you do! We are so grateful that [our son] was able to get into your class. His ACT score went from a very respectable 30 to an amazing 35!!!!! As you could imagine, he is so happy as we are proud. -M. & C.

Reading and grammar [were my son's] weak points before, but he got 100% on both. [He] said: "That class really helped, I [didn't] know how to identify the tone of a paragraph before. Mrs Geller told us to highlight the strong word and suddenly I'm good at it." -J.

Thanks for offering your classes – clearly they work! -J.

We are very pleased with [our daughter's] first ACT result of 32 on the December 2011 test. [Our daughter] definitely felt your course helped her attain that score! -M.

Thank you for offering such a good program. I do not know how you keep those kids interested for such a long time but my son is enjoying the class, and that says a lot!! Thank you! -J.

OK, we have proof that you are THE GREATEST!!!...[Our son's] scores just came in and he increased his scores on every section...his composite increased from 68th percentile to 87th percentile...thank you very much! -P.

My daughter received her scores today. Her composite score went to a 26 from a 22. Needless to say, we are very pleased...Her Reading score went from a 22 to a 30. -T.

Very impressed with the individual attention students are getting, I just want say thank you. -S.

[My son] has always been an outstanding straight A student but he was slow on the test taking...he is a perfectionist. Your class showed him the tricks to faster test taking and it has changed his life forever... Your class hit home and he finishes in plently of time now and has such confidence. Thank you so much. He currently has a 4.1 GPA and as he told you just found out today, he got a 33 on the ACT. I literally cried. I am so proud of him... He has endless opportunities and you are such a part of this success. Thank you so much for everything you have done for [him] and are doing for so many students everyday. -M.

I really appreciate all the help you've given my Senior daughter. She did very well on tests and has remarked to me how she "heard your voice" during the tests--how to analyze questions to answer well... -L.

Due to your help, [our son] did quite well on all tests; he scored a 33 on the ACT test (first time taken). [He] will attend Davidson College on a soccer scholarship in the Fall! -R.

My daughter took your course and was a National Merit Commended student. She is at UC as a full Cincinnatus Scholar. We attribute part of her academic success to your excellent course! -J.